Beginning in 2002, the Fairfax County?Office of Community Revitalization?(OCR) and SFDC have used the fa?ade improvement program to encourage improvement of the aesthetic quality of business and commercial properties located on or visible from Richmond Highway. The Fa?ade Improvement Program has succeeded in producing tangible?improvements and?has resulted in?more than $1.2 million of private investment along Richmond Highway.

Applicants must own or rent a structure that fronts on Richmond Highway. The program NO LONGER provides a 50-50 grant match between $5,000 to $25,000 for building fa?ade improvements. HOWEVER, design services may be matched up to a maximum of $1,750 for the design and illustration of the fa?ade improvement design concept. SFDC can help locate an architect who will work directly with you to design improvements according to your personal preferences/budget and within the program design guidelines. Improvements can also include funding for signage, site/access design, landscaping and other purposes.

To learn more information?and apply, please refer to the documents below. Any questions? Please?contact us.

Grant application:?FIP Grant Application – rev. 11.7.172

Guidelines:?FIP Guidelines -OCRrevised_6.20.17